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Buffalo Chip 

The Chip is a campground and music venue that has evolved from tent camping in a cow pasture to a mini version of the Gorge. This is the story of the week-long party...from sun up to the next sun up. The work became a book called "Chip Shots."

Yesler Terrace

Yesler Terrace, a low income housing project in Seattle, has been around since WWII when it was constructed, in part, as housing for returning vets. It was the first integrated public housing in the country.

In 2013, the city of Seattle began updating the property in partnership with Paul Allen's Vulcan as mix use housing and business with high priced view towers next door to the new low income housing. But, there was one catch; the residents had to move out during the construction and many were relocated permanently to low income housing in other parts of the city. In the years leading up to the development, housing activists and residents tried to fight the evictions.

I received a Seattle CityArtist Grant to put a face to the debate and show just exactly who lived there. 

The Inside Out Project a few of the over two hundred portraits

The Inside Out Project is a non-profit started by a French street artist named JR. Check it out online. The idea is to involve the community in a publicly displayed photo project. I worked  with a local Yakima group called "I Heart Yakima" to bring the Inside Out concept to our town. We asked community members to say why they loved Yakima. And, then I spent a good part of the summer taking portraits, in the window of an empty storefront, of those people who offered their enthusiastic responses to our little town. To see what these folks had to say, go to

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